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Our Story

Locally Grown

Our founder JA Kernodle began his journey with software and mobile apps at a remarkably young age. His passion for development sparked at the age of 12 when he released his very first app on the App Store. Surprisingly, the app quickly gained traction, accumulating a quarter of a million downloads and reaching the top of the entertainment section. This early success laid the foundation for a career in app development that has spanned over 13 years.

But his story goes beyond software development. Growing up, JA Kernodle's mother was determined to provide his family with the best quality ingredients, sourcing beef, milk, eggs, and more from local farms in the community. Witnessing the dedication and experiencing the incredible flavors and benefits of these farm-fresh products had a profound impact on JA Kernodle.

In January 2023, inspired by his childhood experiences and frustrated by the lack of a simple solution to connect with local producers, JA Kernodle founded Locally Grown. His mission is to simplify the connection between farmers and shoppers, making it easier for everyone to access fresh, local produce and support the incredible work of the farming community. By alleviating the burdens of digital marketing for farmers, Locally Grown empowers them to focus on what they do best - nurturing the land and cultivating high-quality products.

Locally Grown believes in fostering sustainable and responsible food choices. He strives to build a resilient community where passionate farmers and health-conscious shoppers can form direct connections. The vision is to revolutionize the way we source and support local farms, creating a brighter future for our food systems.

Locally Grown believes in fostering sustainable and responsible food choices.

⟟  Raleigh, NC
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